Man is a sinner.

Just as physical genes transfer physical traits from one generation to the next, so spiritual genes have transferred the trait of sin from Adam and Eve, our original parents, to every generation that has followed them. Sin is no surface problem; it is a spiritually genetic defect.

What is sin?

Just as Adam sinned willfully and was cast out of the garden, just as sheep without a shepherd wander astray, just as life comes up short by continually missing the mark, sin is an abnormal state that God never intended for you.

How many Gods exist?

When men trust more in their own philosophizing and the empty self-delusion that results; when they rely more upon their own tradition and ceremonialism, than the inspired, infallible scriptures of the Word of God, the result is that even the most straightforward and fundamental fact about God—that He is one, unalterably and indivisibly one—can be lost.