January 2018 – Week 2


Daily Bible Reading:

  • Day 1: Matthew 6
  • Day 2: Matthew 7
  • Day 3: Matthew 8
  • Day 4: Matthew 9
  • Day 5: Matthew 10

Bible StudyMatthew 7:13-23

Topic: The Narrow Road


  • Have someone tell the story or paraphrase the passage in their own words.
  • Have someone read the story or passage from the Bible.
  • Check to see if anything was left out of the sharing of the story/paraphrase.


  • Do you know people who profess to know Christ, but their lives do not show it? Why do these people confuse others about genuine salvation?
  • In our story, Jesus concludes His “Sermon on the Mount” with an invitation to enter by the narrow gate. What do you think He means by this invitation (v. 13-14)? Why do you think this gate is “narrow?”
  • How did Jesus describe the path that leads to destruction? Why do you think this path is “easy?” How did He describe the path that leads to life? Why do you think this path is “hard?” Which path has the most travelers? What does Jesus’ lesson about the two paths teach us about following the crowd?
  • Who specifically did Jesus warn His followers to beware of (v. 15)? What is a false prophet? How did He describe the “false prophets” and why must we beware of them? How did He say that we could recognize them (v. 16)?
  • What did Jesus say about good trees and bad trees (v. 17-20)? What happens to a tree that does not bear good fruit? What does this say to false prophets?
  • Read Gal. 5:22-23. What is the fruit of the Spirit? In what ways do you see the fruit of the Spirit growing in your life?
  • According to Jesus, will everyone who merely professes Jesus as Lord enter the kingdom of heaven (v. 21a)? What did Jesus say was the main evidence of those who truly know Jesus as Lord (v. 21b)?
  • Why do you think some people on judgment day will be surprised to find that Jesus does not know them (v. 22-23)? What does it mean to be a “worker of lawlessness? As an attitude to change, how might this story change the way you witness to those who profess faith in Christ, but bear no spiritual fruit?
  • No one is perfect, but is your life characterized as being a worker of lawlessness or as one who does the will of the Father?

Prayer: Let’s pray today that our lives will bear much fruit and that we will live a lifestyle of doing the will of the Father.


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