January 2018 – Week 4

Daily Bible Reading:

Day 1: Matthew 16
Day 2: Matthew 17
Day 3: Matthew 18
Day 4: Matthew 19
Day 5: Matthew 20

Bible Study: Matthew 18:21-35

Topic: The Unforgiving Servant


Have someone tell the story or paraphrase the passage in their own words.
Have someone read the story or passage from the Bible.
Check to see if anything was left out of the sharing of the story/paraphrase.


  1. Why is it a bad thing to be in debt to someone? How does it make you feel when you are able to pay off a debt?
  2. In our story, we read about a certain king who wished to settle accounts with his servants. Who do you think the king represents? Who do his servants represent?
  3. How much debt did the first servant owe to the king? What was significant about this amount of debt? Since the servant was too poor to pay the debt, what did the king demand from him?
  4. How did the servant respond to the king’s demands and what did he beg of the king? What was the king’s response to the servant’s pleas? In what ways can we relate the king’s merciful response to our own relationship with God?
  5. What happened after the forgiven servant left the king’s presence? How much did his fellow servant owe to him? What is significant about this amount in comparison to the previous amount owed to the king?
  6. What was the man’s reply to his fellow servant’s pleas for mercy? When others witnessed the man’s unwillingness to forgive, how did they feel about it? Who did they tell about it? How did the king respond to this news?
  7. How does God feel about us when we are unwilling to forgive others? What did Jesus mean when He said we are to forgive others from the heart? When we forgive someone a debt does that person still owe us anything?
  8. In what ways can we see in this story a sin to confess or an attitude to change? Is there anyone that you need to forgive today? What will you do about it?

Prayer: Let’s thank God today that we are His forgiven servants, and pray that God will give us a spirit of forgiveness toward those who have offended us.


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